artist statement

Tim Rechner creates abstract art instinctually and automatically. The themes in his work are freedom, beauty, heartache, depression and optimism. The aim is to create intense energy through abstract visual language. The paintings and drawings created aspire to be dynamic, vibrant and beautiful. The process is intuitive, direct and physical. The artist attempts to emulate the raw spontaneity and enthusiasm of a child creating artwork. Artwork made by small children is an important resource for the artist. Automatic drawing is an important part of the art making process and Rechner often employs blind drawing techniques attempting to tap in to subconscious, rhythmic controlled chaos. There is a strong emphasis on an all over compositional flow enforced by this skeletal framework of assertively drawn graphite lines. Emotive, bright, forceful colour combinations further intensify the surfaces. Rechner also draws upon 20th century artists such as de Kooning, Gorky, Matta, Twombly, Basquiat, Riopelle and Borduas.